CineGears VR3DPlayer At CVR 2017

We’ll be at #CVR this weekend (May 5th ~ 6),  – come by and check out all of the #vrgear we have to offer!


See in VR

The VR3D Player HMD (patent pending) is an all-in-one wireless virtual reality video playback device. The built-in VR3D Player software supports playback from all VR video formats. The V1 features a Full-HD screen, and the V1 Pro features an advanced QHD screen for amazing clarity. The proprietary VR3D Player software is optimized for 360 3D virtual reality video review and playback. 3DVR Player is compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS platforms.

hex rig

Film in VR

The Hex VR Rig is a revolutionary, unibody, aluminum work of art. It is entirely modular in design. With the Hex VR Rig, you can utilize up to 16 cameras for immersive stereoscopic 3D film. The Hex Mini Rig is perfect for capturing full 360 VR footage, whilst maintaining lightweight mobility.

binaural audio recorder

Hear in VR

The 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder is the perfect solution for virtual reality recording: life-like audio with lossless panoramic sound. Capture professional-grade lossless sound fields in all directions, distances and movements with the 16-Channel Binarual Audio Recorder. With the 16-Channel Binaural Audio Recorder, you can individually master all 16 tracks with uncompressed WAV files. The Dual-Channel Binaural Microphone System has an innovative, lightweight design, ideal for recording professional quality binarual 3D audio on the go.